The Duwamish River is one of the most important industrial ports in the Puget Sound. Due to heavy historical industrial usage, this waterway and surrounding land is heavily polluted. So much so, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared the 5-mile section flowing past Georgetown and Southpark a Superfund site. In response, the City of Seattle gathered data from 2016-2018, resulting in the Duwamish Valley Action Plan (DVAP) - a call to combine environmental justice, equitable development, and anti-displacement strategy to protect local communities.

MMCP stands on a site that was once used as a fuel-storage facility. Ongoing testing has found petroleum contaminants in the subsurface at concentrations greater than Washington's cleanup levels, which we have worked hard to asses and remediate over the past decade. We are installing an air-sparge and soil vapor extraction remediation system as an integral component of the new facility which will allow us to effectively clean the remaining residual contaminates in the soil and groundwater passing under the site. MMCP will serve as an educational site and case study for how small brownfields may be revitalized in the Duwamish Valley and beyond. Meanwhile, we are creating a space for local residents and visitors to gather, learn about, and participate in environmental action taking place in the Duwamish Valley.