The campaign to build Mini Mart City Park has been quietly underway for several years, with significant contributions from 4Culture, the City of Seattle, Creative Capital, and in-kind contributions from environmental, legal and architectural firms. We’ve raised $671,000 to date and spent $427,000 on environmental assessments and remediation, property acquisition and professional services getting the project ready for construction. 

4Culture $273,000
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods $100,000
Other Grants & Donors $76,000
In-Kind Services $217,000
Canned Dirt Sales $4,316
Total Income $670,922
Environmental and Property Acquistion $254,265
Professional Services and Project Management $326,120
Construction $804,000
Program Fund (2 years) $150,000
Cleaning Machine Operation (2 years) $80,000
Other Expenses $60,000
Total Expenses $1,674,385
Left To Raise $1,003,463

Now, we are raising $1,000,000 to bring Mini Mart City Park into being and launch it with a fund sufficient to cover two full years of operation.

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