Ben Beres, John Sutton & Zac Culler

Ben Beres, John Sutton & Zac Culler



Mini Mart City Park was conceived and founded by artist collective SuttonBeresCuller (SBC), a group of three Seattle based artists—John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler—now in their 19th year as a cooperative entity rooted in a distinct, strictly collaborative. Over the past two decades, they have explored ways to engage viewers through sculpture, performance, public art and site-specific installation that often attract (sometimes unsuspecting) audiences to new readings of and approaches to political, social, cultural, and artistic issues

MMCP started as an idea about how we might remediate and repurpose derelict and contaminated properties into community assets through an arts and cultural lens. It quickly ballooned into an organization of it’s own with tremendous support from the local community and numerous arts and environmental organizations helping to make this vision a reality. Working closely with the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, and with support from the Creative Capital Foundation and the King County Brownfields Program, SBC identified the site and began environmental assessment work in 2008. MMCP initially operated under the fiscal sponsorship of the Georgetown Community Council, and in 2013, after five years of environmental assessments and strategic planning SBC formed the non-profit Mini Mart City Park 501(c)3 to purchase the land and finalize plans for remediation and construction. We broke ground in July 2018, expect to finish construction in fall 2019 and will launch programing and open to the public soon thereafter.

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Board of Directors

SuttonBeresCuller has operated as the primary Board of MMCP since the project’s inception with a Steering Committee of community representatives. We have logged over 25,000 cumulative hours of volunteer labor on the project and aim for it to serve as an inspirational, practical and viable model for how this and similar sites with environmental issues can have a meaningful impact on their communities through direct action, volunteerism and engagement. We are distinctly aware of our privilege and position as cis, white, straight-presenting men creating a cultural center for the community, and as artists and allies, we actively seek to address our privilege candidly, and to open up space for other viewpoints and perspectives to be heard. Our aim is to create a space that is community-operated, functioning as a venue belonging to many diverse stakeholders within the community.

We are excited to announce that we will be welcoming new board directors at our annual meeting in December who will help bring Mini Mart City Park to life as we go through construction and prepare to launch programming and operations in the coming year.

 Laura C. Wright

Laura C. Wright


Programming and Community Development

Laura C. Wright is an artist and educator who has lived in Georgetown since 1998.  Her artistic practice is defined by a desire to develop new pedagogical models for supporting creativity and empowerment on a grassroots level, a focus that leads her to work in traditional and informal art programs.  She was the creator and organizer of a six-year community-based filmmaking program in Seattle, called the Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival and continues to develop projects in Seattle to address the impacts of technology on the quality-of-life in her neighborhood.  

 Aimee O'Carroll, Jon Gentry & Ben Kruse

Aimee O'Carroll, Jon Gentry & Ben Kruse


ARCHITECTure + Design

Seattle based goCstudio is an innovative architecture and design studio founded in 2012 by Jon Gentry and Aimée O'Carroll. The studio’s work is driven by the unique opportunities and constraints of site specific projects, which evolve through close relationships with clients and craftsmen. With over two decades of experience on custom residential and commercial projects, conceptual work with artists, and furniture design, the work purposefully engages various scales with the same attitude and process. The studio strives for design excellence in every project and brings an internationally diverse background of experiences to each endeavor.

 Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson Law


Scott has over 20 Years of experience in advising high-level decision makers on a variety of legal and policy issues with a practice focused on helping clients make fully-informed decisions regarding the purchase, development and clean up of contaminated property. He helps clients understand and manage the risks that they may face as past, present, or future owners or operators of such property and make sure that parties responsible for the contamination assume their fair share of liability. I also work with clients to comply with other environmental and land use laws - from the Clean Water Act to SEPA to land segregation.



Site Assessments • Remediation services • environmental compliance

G‑Logics provides environmental-consulting services to a broad range of clients, with projects located throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Their consultants are experienced and proficient hydrogeologists, engineers, environmental scientists, and construction managers. G-Logics has extensive experience with state and local governments throughout the region, and an in-depth understanding of the unique environmental and geological issues of the Pacific Northwest.


Scandiuzzi • Krebs

Fundrasing • Buisiness Strategy • Grant Reaserch

Scandiuzzi Krebs is a strategy firm for the arts. The team use their decades of business leadership experience in the arts to empower you to achieve.