Cleaning earth with art

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Mini Mart City Park is a place for the arts, education, environmental action, and community collaboration in the Duwamish Valley.


We are in the process of transforming a former gas station into a pocket park and arts-oriented community center in Georgetown across the street from Boeing Field on Ellis Avenue South. After 10 years of planning and environmental work, we broke ground in July 2018, expect to finish construction in fall 2019, and will be open to the public soon thereafter.

Our work is rooted in the belief that it is vital to create community hubs for people to build power and a voice in decisions being made to develop their neighborhoods. Once fully constructed, MMCP will serve as an artist-designed, community-led space advocating for creativity and public health through art exhibits, residencies, environmental action, and locally-focused programming in the Lower Duwamish Valley for decades to come.



Installing state of the art remediation technology in a small neighborhood brownfield will clean the earth under the site.


A structure where people come together to strengthen their community ties.


A place to learn about art, architecture & healthy urban environments


A permanent cultural center for Georgetown and the greater Duwamish Valley


Connect with the past.  Dream up your future.



History & Future

In 2005 SuttonBeresCuller had a vision to identify and purchase a property in King County and rehabilitate it, proving the potential of art to propel a project that simultaneously repairs damaged land while providing shared, multi-use community space.

In 2008, we identified the Mini Mart City Park site and began environmental assessment work.  In 2013, SuttonBeresCuller formed the Mini Mart City Park 501(c)3, which purchased the site. 

With the support and engagement of the Georgetown community, Mini Mart City Park is now ready for construction.  Working with goCstudio we have developed a design for a pocket park  and arts-oriented community center.

Incorporating sliding walls and a green roof to create a porous, modular space that blends indoor and outdoor activities such as gallery shows, movies in the park, potlucks, community meetings, readings and live music, Mini Mart City Park will embrace the site's history, bring communities together to dream up their futures, and literally clean earth with art.