Construction Fence Mural Project

Shortly after acquiring the property a temporary construction fence was erected in an effort to foster the neighborhood’s safety and cleanliness.  In our many meetings with the Georgetown Community Council we discussed ways to create a more visually appealing border around MCCP while continuing to develop the project.  We primed eight 4 x 8 foot panels with the intention of finding local artists to transform them into works of art for the community and approached Georgetown Community Council Directors, Amanda Michele Dellinger and James Caudle, aka Double Nasty (their non-profit org), to coordinate the artist selection.

Double Nasty is a Seattle-based art team. They are self proclaimed arts enablers whose passion is to build bridges between communities and create a stronger, more communicative and collaborative Northwest arts scene. Amanda Michele Dellinger is the Directors Assistant at Lisa Harris Gallery and James share’s the same title at NW Woodworkers Gallery. Together they curate outside exhibitions and art happenings city wide, but share a special focus in Georgetown, their home. Ongoing projects include Heart of the Attack a guided walking tour of Georgetown’s art walk, Art Attack, Georgetown’sCarnival, Cross Pollinate at the Georgetown Garden Walk and Spectacle in association with the Georgetown Haunted History Tour.

When deciding on which artists to select for the “Fence Project” they focused on variety of style, medium and artistic experience. They are proud to be featuring beautiful panels by local artists implementing photography, italian plaster, rust, copper, house paint, organic grass, acrylics, graphite and watercolor. Most of the artists do not regularly work at this scale and found the time constraint equally perplexing, but upon taking on the challenge they found the experience to be exciting and liberating. Many of the paintings were executed in Double Nasty’s back yard. The “Fence Project” has been a really fun experience for all involved.

We are excited to mount these in time for the 18th annual Georgetown Garden Walk.

The artists are: David Simpson, Gary L. Hill, Tamara Olsen, Jim Pirie, Caudled Milk, Amy Pleasant, Patty & Jesse, Caroline Roosevelt and Angelina Tolentino.

Special Thanks to Amanda Michelle Dellinger and James Caudle for helping to bring together a great group of artists to create works for the temporary construction fence.


Zac Culler